This group project with fellow student Alana Ryan is a proposal for a cosmetic range that focuses on more than just beauty.

Carbon is a gender neutral cosmetics range, including scrubs, soaps, cleansers, eyeliners, moisturisers and more.This range appeals to both genders with gender neutral colours, design and packaging and is named CARBON as this element does not discriminate, it is within many things. We chose to use the Hexagon as part of our logo to represent the carbon chain and paired this with fresh colours and minimal designs.

The website would be the main outlet for buying the products, allowing the customers to buy online in a judgement free environment and with privacy. We paid careful consideration to enticing new customers with options of sample packages allowing the customer base to get used to the products and familiar with the brand, making them more likely to repurchase. The purchased products would be delivered with and information booklet detailing how to use every item and the products ingredients.

A social media campaign would greatly boost the exposure and knowledge of the cosmetics range, creating a more friendly and approachable feel to the brand. This combined with traditional means of advertisement such as posters in stores will help Carbon reach its intended consumers.